Meet the team

Meet the team to make you smile.

From our friendly front desk, through to our talented dentists and supportive nurses, the Drouin Dental team share a common purpose – you and your smile. Together, we make it our business to put your comfort first on our agenda.

  • Dr Tejas Patel The Happy Dentist

    “If I was to sum up why I’ve become known as “The Happy Dentist” I would have to say it’s because my patient’s smiles always make me smile. Whether I’m putting a patient at ease in the chair with a cheeky joke or seeing a happy face leave my office—every smile makes me happy—every day”

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  • Dr Sweta Patel The Chatty Dentist

    “I was recently asked to recall my happiest day at work and the answer came to me immediately. I recalled a very nervous patient taking the time to kiss my hand as he was leaving, and thanking me for making his treatment so comfortable. It is those moments that make me very happy. And very proud.”

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  • Dr Nupur Kanwar The Mindful Dentist

    “It is very rewarding to be able to treat people who are in pain and to ease their suffering. I take pride in treating my patients to the highest standards - and seeing them return to the clinic to put their trust in me with their oral health. It really is a privilege and a pleasure to be of service.”

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  • Dr Nelson Ung The Friendly Dentist

    “A good day at work for me always involves catching up with one of my regular patients over a friendly chat and hearing about how happy they were with their last treatment. If my patients are happy, it makes me happy.”

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  • Dr Fiona Dao The Caring Dentist

    “I understand that going to the dentist can be quite daunting for many. However, over the years I have learnt that by being genuinely empathetic, friendly and gentle, this has been able to positively change my patients’ attitude and preconceived notions about dentists. We are not that scary after all.”

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  • Dr. Vinita Dsouza The Bubbly Dentist

    “From as long as I remember I was called a bubbly girl, and then when I graduated with Bachelors in dental surgery I was known as “The Bubbly Dentist”. I’ve always been a happy person and I love to see others happy.”

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  • Dr Haran Ragupathy The Considerate Dentist

    “My passion for dentistry stems from the uniqueness of every patient and their needs that requires a tailored approach to achieve a confident and happy smile. The ability to relieve a patient’s pain, connect with patients and positively impact their life is very fulfilling.”

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  • Michelle Macphail The Helpful Hygienist

    “Working at the clinic for the last 15 years, I have had the privilege of building long-term relationships with our patients. As my patients return year after year for treatment and advice, I feel a great sense of achievement. It is an honour to be trusted with a patient’s oral health.”

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