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Stem Cell. Pioneers at the forefront of Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cell therapy is widely covered in mainstream media, but rarely understood by anyone who is not a medical professional. Put simply, our blood is naturally equipped with stem cells and growth proteins to cope with injury and initiate healing.

Many research studies have applied stem cell Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) to assist in healing across a range of surgical procedures, including orthopaedic, plastic surgery, general surgery – as well as some dental procedures. At Drouin Dental, we are at the forefront of stem cell therapy – adopting CGF during implant procedures, tooth extractions and facial aesthetics.

About Stem Cell at Drouin Dental.

You are in safe hands with our Principal Dentist Doctor Tejas Patel – highly trained in advanced stem cell treatments, procedures and research. A small amount of your blood is placed into a sterile centrifuge machine, where we separate and then concentrate your regenerative cells. A concentrated, potent network of stem cells (CGF) are then applied to treatment sites for accelerated healing, or for the reduction of post-operative inflammation, pain and infection.

Dental Implants and Bone Generation with Stem Cell Therapy.

When it comes to Dental Implants, the application of CGF is mixed with bone substitute materials to support the integration of implants with bones and enhance the healing process. The grafts become bonded faster with the patient’s bone, thanks to the growth factors in CGF. Implant dentistry can be a more natural and effective process with the use of stem cell-rich plasma growth factors, allowing you to heal like a growing teenager.

Stem Cell and Teeth Extractions.

To reduce postoperative pain and risk of infection, a CGF gel can be placed into the socket where the tooth has been extracted and sutured in place.

Stem Cell and Facial Aesthetics

A CGF serum can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate the skin and reduce facial wrinkles and folds.

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