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Emergency Appointments. Immediate attention for patients in need.

As life often dictates, unexpected emergencies often pop-up when we least expect them to. We understand that tooth ache can become unbearable and alleviating your pain is a matter of priority to us. Something as simple as a toothache, left untreated, can lead to infections travelling through the bloodstream and causing a host of other issues. If one of your teeth becomes chipped or broken, or you are experiencing toothache, swelling, pain or bleeding – emergency dental treatment may be required.

About Emergency Appointments at Drouin Dental.

At Drouin Dental, if you are in pain we will see you on the same day through our Emergency Appointment Guarantee. Emergency patients are treated at short notice as a matter of priority, whether you are an existing or new patient at our clinic. A number of appointments are set aside every day to manage patients presenting with symptoms that require immediate attention. Our team specialises in acute care, from treating the immediate issue presenting, through to forward planning to avoid related issues developing in the near or distance future.

Weeknights – open late. Open on Saturdays.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some common symptoms associated with emergency dental incidents? close

    —Extreme sensitivity on teeth
    —Sharp or dull pain near your tooth
    —Pain that radiates into the ear, head and neck
    —Bad breath
    —Pain that awakens you from sleep
    —Sore or bleeding gums
    —Swelling of the gum around the tooth
    —Gum boil, fistula or a pimple on your gums

  • What are some common causes of emergency tooth aches? close

    —Gum disease
    —Broken or cracked teeth
    —Decaying teeth
    —Gum recession
    —Bleeding gums
    —Plaque and tartar build-up
    —Blunt force trauma / accident / sports injury

  • Can I get rid of toothache on my own? close

    No. When the nerve inside your tooth has become infected, one of specialists will need to provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. In most cases, the recommendation will involve a filling, root canal, crown or deep scaling and cleaning (where gum issues present).

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