Dr Nelson Ung Associate Dentist

BBioMed (Hons) DDS (Mleb)

“A good day at work for me always involves catching up with one of my regular patients over a friendly chat and hearing about how happy they were with their last treatment. If my patients are happy, it makes me happy.”

I completed an Honorary Degree in Biomedicine from Melbourne University, followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Melbourne University. Before joining the team at Drouin Dental, I have had years of experience in public and private clinics across Victoria.

I love the artistry that comes with dentistry. Every patient presents with a different set of needs and circumstances, which in turn demands a series of agile responses from me. Adopting the right method to work with each patient keeps me continually passionate about my work – and my patients.

I have become known as a bit of an all-rounder at Drouin Dental. From root canals to fillings to crowns, my skills are applied across all fields of general dentistry – and across patients of all ages. I like to approach my work with a sense of togetherness with my patients, which I find will calm the most nervous of patients during treatment.

I play soccer and tennis to keep myself active, and I really enjoy travelling. In 2017, I volunteered my dental skills to a small rural farming community in Cambodia, where I mostly fixed a lot of nasty toothaches for children and adults who had no ready access to a dentist. This experience was very rewarding for me, and made me feel very proud to be a dentist.


  • General dentistry
  • Children’s dentistry
  • Root canal treatment
  • Crowns and bridges

Dr Nelson Ung—
The Friendly Dentist