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What to expect from your Invisalign treatment at Drouin Dental

At Drouin Dental, we are answering questions on a daily basis about what to expect from Invisalign treatments. So, we decided to write an informative blog for our patients as a handy reference guide to all things Invisalign. From our initial free Invisalign consultations through to what to expect during your first days of treatment. From how to manage life with your new aligners, through to how long you can expect your Invisalign treatment to take. We have answers to all of these questions here for you in today’s blog – All About Invisalign.

First of all – what is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are a modern version of traditional metal braces. They are comfortable, removable and discrete. Through Invisalign, traditional metal braces have been replaced with a series of clear plastic aligners. Often referred to as “modern orthodontics,” Invisalign has become the premium standard for straightening teeth for teenagers and adults of all ages.

What to expect from your free Invisalign Consultation at Drouin Dental

At Drouin Dental, your first Invisalign consultation is free of charge. As with any dental treatment, our team will assess your overall dental health to determine your suitability for Invisalign. We combine our years of experience in orthodontics with simulated software, to provide you with a digital view of your new smile post Invisalign treatments. In other words, we can show you a future visual of your smile – thanks to Invisalign.

What to expect during your first days of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign

Some patients experience speech changes while getting used to wearing Invisalign aligners. A slight lisp is common and usually passes within days, as you become more accustomed to wearing your new aligners. Minor discomfort is also common, usually experienced as pressure on your teeth from your new aligners. Once again, this discomfort usually passes within days. If gum irritation is experienced in particular areas, feel free to call our friendly staff and we can arrange for the edges of your aligners to be trimmed for a more comfortable fit.

A List of Handy Tips – Living with Invisalign Aligners

Beyond our free initial consultation and what to expect during your first days of treatment, our patients most commonly ask us how to negotiate everyday activities with Invisalign aligners. We’ve provided a list of handy tips in answer to our most commonly asked questions for patients below. If you have any suggestions you would like to add, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll keep adding to this handy resource for our patients.

  • How do I safely insert my Invisalign aligners? close

    When inserting your aligner, always start on your front teeth and then gently push the aligners towards your back teeth. When the tray is fully covering your teeth, push on the aligner firmly to make sure it is fitted 100% to your teeth.

  • About eating and snacking with Invisalign close

    Invisalign aligners should be worn for 22 hours per day. The good news is that this leaves two hours per day for meal consumption. No food should be consumed while wearing your aligners. Unlike the restrictions that present with traditional braces, any food can be consumed while your aligners have been removed. However, you should always thoroughly brush your teeth and aligners before reinserting into your mouth.

  • How do I clean my Invisalign aligners? close

    It is important to keep your teeth and aligners as clean as possible for the duration of your Invisalign treatment. Prior to putting in your aligner, be sure to brush and floss your teeth. when you take out your aligners be sure to rinse them thoroughly.

  • What should I drink with Invisalign? close

    The only recommended beverage to consume during your Invisalign treatment is water. Every other beverage will stain your teeth and your aligners (if you are wearing your aligners while consuming your beverage). If you can’t go without your morning coffee or afternoon diet coke, make sure your aligners are removed during consumption and that your teeth and aligners are brushed thoroughly before reinserting into your mouth.

  • What causes Invisalign aligners to stain? close

    Any food or beverage that would stain your teeth without Invisalign, will continue to cause stains with Invisalign. Should you be wearing your aligners during consumption, both your teeth and the aligners are likely to stain. For this reason, it is recommended to remove aligners during any food or beverage consumption. To avoid foods commonly known for causing stains, including tea, coffee, sugary sodas. And to always brush both your teeth and aligners before reinsertion into your mouth.

  • How do I safely remove my Invisalign aligners? close

    Do not attempt to remove your aligners with excessive force. Always begin dislodging from the very back tooth, followed by holding both sides and pulling down for removal. As your treatment progresses with a periodic supply new aligners, it is important to remember that every new aligner will present be slightly more challenging to insert and remove. However, as your teeth continue to move into place, the aligners will become easier to insert and remove.

  • How long will my Invisalign treatment last? close

    Every patient is unique and so it is difficult to say, however you can expect your treatment time to last anywhere from 6 months to two years with Invisalign. During your initial consultation with us, we will be able to give you a better idea of your treatment duration, sensitive to your individual orthodontic needs.

Thanks for reading our blog post All About Invisalign

The friendly team of Invisalign specialists at Drouin Dental hopes that you have found this information sharing session informative. Orthodontic treatments have come a long way and Invisalign is at the forefront of modern orthodontics. Before recommending this or any other treatment, we will need to make a thorough assessment of your oral health before recommending Invisalign as a treatment for you.

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